WooCommerce All In One

This WooCommerce Bundle Pack includes all of the essentials for you to get your online business up and running. Avoid the steep learning curves of WordPress and allow us to grind out the tough stuff so you can start selling online with ease! Get online and sell your product for under $500


1   WordPress Installed to your domain     We’ll install WordPress to the domain of your choice 2   Install Your WordPress Theme ($49 value)     We'll install the WordPress theme that you provide. Also we can recommend you premium or free theme. 3   Make Your Site Look Like the Demo ($149 value)     We’ll set your WordPress site up to look like the theme demo 4   Backup My WordPress Site ($99 value) We’ll install and set up a plugin that will make it easy for you to maintain your own incremental backups for your WordPress site 5   WordPress SEO and SEO Sitemap ($49 value) We’ll install and set up a plugin to help guide you within each post and page you publish to be fully optimized for search engines We’ll add a sitemap that Google can find and use to index all of your site content, making it easier for searchers to find you 6   WordPress Site Security ($49 value) We’ll install and set up a plugin to help you keep your website secure with regular scans and monitoring 7   Integrate WooCommerce into WordPress Site ($149)     We will install WooCommerce on your WordPress site to turn it into a store

Important Considerations

  • Adding demo content overrides ALL existing content. If you already have menus, posts, and pages built and you want to keep them, contact your host to save a backup of your content. If you need help, we offer a back up service.
  • Some of the images used in the demos aren't licensed for distribution. In some cases we'll use different images.
  • We do not import any custom products to WooCommerce.  We import up to 5 dummy products that you can replace with your own products/services once the service is complete.
  • Your Service Provider will wait a maximum of 5 minutes beyond your scheduled time at which point you'll be asked to reschedule

Not Included

This service doesn't include a free theme like many of our all in one packages. We do not write, develop or customize your site content. You still need to write all your own posts, pages, and build your own navigation.

Plugin Pricing

*Billed one time.


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What clients say about WooPro Team

"These plugins have saved us countless hours. The WooPro team is great at their job and we are glad to work with them. They are responsive and offer awesome support that is very important for us."
ZDigital Studio
"I searched for some solutions for my site and found them here. Awesome, I hope there will be more good plugins in the future and I will also find something useful for my business again."
Jennifer S.
"The awesome team, who takes care of their customers and understands the business cases. They are able to suggest very helpful alternative solutions, if needed. We are happy with the results and will work again with them."