WooCommerce SEO Images Booster Pro

SEO Image Booster is a WordPress plugin that integrates directly with WooCommerce to optimize your WooCommerce product images for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It does this by adding ALT and TITLE tags to the image based on the product page title and other customizable parameters.

Why do you need SEO Image Booster?

Ranking in the Search Engines is a primary goal for every online business. The algorithms that Google and other major search engines use look at all kinds of factors, and the meta data associated with the images on your site can really help put you at the top.

The SEO Image Booster plugin optimizes the ALT and TITLE tags on the images uploaded to WooCommerce product pages.

The ALT and TITLE tag on every image is automatically updated to provide optimal SEO benefits using a variety of items associated with the product, including the title, description, category and even tags.

SEO Image Booster also automatically creates an XML Image Sitemap and adds the images to that sitemap. This makes it easy for Google to index every single image, and gives you the proper format to add to your Webmaster Tools account.

YOU make the Rules!

SEO Image Booster gives you a wide range of options to help you build a powerful tool that will help you rank higher and higher.

You can create multiple sets of rules that will let you specify on which pages or set of pages the images will be optimized. Or, you can use an exclude rule to specify areas that you don't need the plugin to work its' magic.

You can even allow/disallow specific product categories, and you can even drill down to allow/disallow specific products. 99% of users will not need this functionality, but it's there if you do!


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Plugin Details

Version 1.5.1
Requires WordPress version 4.0
Tested up to 5.1
Minimum PHP version 5.6


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